Honoring Legacy
With Purpose


About Legacies Live On

Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps young people who are grieving work through their loss and honor their loved one’s legacy with purpose by providing a network of support, educational resources, community outreach opportunities and financial assistance.


Care Packages

Sign up to send a care package to someone who's grieving to support them in their time of need.

We send out care packages to young grievers who are in need of support and comfort as they navigate the difficulties of grief. If you know of someone who unfortunately lost a loved one recently, please feel free to fill out our care package form so that we can support them. Previous care packages have included self care items, baked goods, plants, candles, journaling items, and more. We customize the packages as much as possible to fit the needs of the individual or family who's receiving it.


What We Do

Offer a support community to young grievers in the Greater NY area and beyond.

We hope to drive more awareness and understanding of grief and its impact on mental health. We seek to support, empower, and provide helpful resources to our community of young grievers in a safe and secure environment, while also giving them the space and freedom to turn their pain into doing something positive - honoring their loved one's legacy with purpose.


Support Groups

Coming together in a safe space

Fundraising Events

Driving funds for our cause

Community Outreach

Giving back to the community


“Whenever grief tries to steal the beauty of your memories, just remember: Love. Never. Dies.”



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