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Our Story

My dad unfortunately passed away from brain cancer in September 2018. When it happened, grief struck me hard, and I felt an immense feeling of isolation, helplessness and sadness. I also felt this longing to honor his memory and carry his legacy forward. While I'm thankful I had my faith and a community of friends and family who supported me, I desired to have a support group of other young people who were grieving to talk to. I kept thinking - "There must be other people like me who are trying to adjust to their new normal and build community, all while figuring out their purpose in life!"

So, I decided to create a nonprofit with that specific mission in mind, and I enlisted the support of close friends and family who wanted to embark on this journey of helping others in their most difficult moments. While bonding over debilitating grief is certainly not something that we wish for, I wanted to make sure there was a safe space and community of individuals like me people could come to and lean on. From there, Legacies Live On was born. 

- Victoria Ifan, Founder & CEO

Victoria and Dad (Baby).heic
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